Sarkodie releases “U Go Kill Me ” video

As y’all know Sarkodie has taken Ghana by storm with his summer azonto hit ‘U Go kill Me’ feat. EL . Here’s the official video, ENJOY !


Trip Advisor: An Interactiive Way of Sharing Travel Pics

Found this great photo sharing app online. Details to follow later.

African Art Slideshow: Asherwilson’s trip to Accra, Ghana was created by TripAdvisor. See another Accra slideshow. Create your own stunning slideshow with our free photo slideshow maker.


Folks, I still haven’t quite recovered from my disappointment. The management team at PZ Cussons Ghana Limited gave me bad reviews but here’s the slide anyway.
Would appreciate your comments. Will post the original animated slide on scribd.

The Geek Is Back

I’m going in a new artistic direction and yes….its not about ubuntu themes, I got crazy and downloaded….bought… a whole lot of collectors music, from Radiohead, Asa, Jay z, Nirvana, the Beatles, Chemical Brothers , Bob Marley and so many others.

I’m going to review my favorites and decide on my top 10 albums so far in my life…see ya!

BlackFuzz–Ubuntu Edition v0.3


#BlackFuzz-Ubuntu Edition

# Developer: ghanaGeek <>





Black Panel with fuzzy buttons

New scrollbars, steppers and arrows

Openbox theme

4 new toolbars and custom menu bars






BlackFuzz theme works particularly well with the highly customizable Hydroxygen icon set.

Sexy Wallpaper in screenshot is aria-elf and it’s available at

I recommend using Compiz’s Emerald as you default window manager. What would Linux be without compiz ! Compiz comes default in a Ubuntu installation. Transparent menus are also prettier so enable opacity in your compiz settings.

E-mail me with your additions or suggestions.









The most modern themes for the Linux desktop

BlackFuzz-Ubuntu Edition












coming soon… AeroWooden – Strictly for the Office!

And the winner is……..Mac4Lin_v1.0

Never in my life have I seen so detailed and refreshing a theme that I personally have decided to quit developing my own gnome theme (BlackFuzz) after v0.3.

Now what exactly is Mac4Lin? Initially released at by AniRudh, Mac4lin aimed to be a Linux port for the much acclaimed Apple(r) Desktop UI, and after over 30,000 downloads the project was sponsored by and has since v0.4 been hosted there. Now contesting for best Linux theme at the Awards after its major release v1.0, I honestly struggle to see any close competitor to this amazingly detailed copy of the Mac interface.

Enough with the foreplay…… now to the specifics!

The file size for the whole installation is 33MB and comes complete with the gtkrc, Icons, emerald themes, AWN addons, System Sounds, USplash screen, Grub Backgrounds, GDM etc. It also comes in two flavours Aqua and Graphite, although I personally prefer Aqua!

What you get after an easy installation (it comes with an install/uninstall script) is a detailed Mac-copy that will leave MacBook owners regretting the thousands of dollars they forked for their laptops.

AniRudhr even included Mac-like customisations for popular Linux apps like Firefox, Mplayer, Thunderbird, Songbird, Pidgin and RhythmBox although you’ll probably need expert help installing some of the extensions. On top of this awe-inspiring theme, you get to use your uniquely powerful Linux OS widgets……AWN, Compiz, Global-Menu applet etc that will transport your PC into a truly 21st Century machine.

GRAB YOUR COPY of Mac4lin HERE and don’t forget to VOTE for Mac4Lin!

GhanaNerd presents: BlackFuzz–UbuntuEdition

#BlackFuzz -UbuntuEdition

#Based on Songbird’s popular BlackFuzz Theme created by Verso

# License: Creative Commons 3.0

E-mail me with any additions or suggestions!!!!!!!!

I’ve increased the screenshot’s sizes! Wallpaper in screenshot is ubuntu-elf (or aria-elf ) and is popular and available at I strongly believe global-menus are efficient, functional and effective, it also gives the theme an overall concise feel. Its avilable for download in the official repositories. Just search for gnome-applet-globalmenu using synaptic package manager.

I recommend using Compiz as you default window manager. What would Linux be without compiz!!!!. It comes default in Ubuntu. Transparent menus are also prettier so enable opacity in your compiz settings. For transparent panels, change your panel properties from none (system theme) to a color of your choice and make it as transparent as you like.

Non-Ubuntu users can replace the custom notebook.png tab in the gtkrc with the other alternatives (Tux, NetBSD, Tux-mobster… : ) lol ) I’ve provided in the tabs folder. You can also create custom tabs by adding images to base.png also included in the Tabs folder. For more details view my blog on the 1st of July. Or alternatively download Blackfuzz ; my generic theme at

Works particularly well with the Mac4Lin iconset, Tango or the Royale-Preview icons by SchoolDesign (all available at My main blog is in development …………………. and my first major post should be out before president Obama comes to Ghana!!!!!!! (11th July).

I’m working on emerald themes for Global-menu users as well as some fun titlebars and custom application looks.

Any custom effects you want to see?

Do you want to contribute? If yes, then let’s start a community!!!!!

E-mail me with your additions or suggestions.

Should complete the first stable release v0.3 by 1st July as I’m currently busy trying to secure an internship.

Since I’m not entirely sure of the license of Verso’s Songbird theme my License is Creative commons 3.0 and by installing the theme you agree to all the conditions aforementioned in the Creative Commons License 3.0.

************* If you can’t donate just COMMENT on my page and help make BlackFuzz fuzzier!!! ****************


Tweaked Versions of the most downloaded Linux desktop themes

BlackFuzz -UbuntuEdition


GreenTech – KNUST

NewWave -Blue

Aero-Wooden……..Strictly for the Office!!!

Why must you install Ubuntu? A Vast variety of Customizable Sleek Themes









To the average Joe Microsoft Windows7® seems so silky and enterprise looking that a below average Ubuntu Human theme which comes as the default theme on Ubuntu as well as other similar boring default themes on other Linux distro’s (Mandriva, Debian, LinuxMint, Slackware, Fedora etc.) makes Linux unattractive to the Windows® regular.

Well look no further, GhanaGeek® has sexy themes for the Linux desktop that will stir up your loins and get even the most diehard Microsoft® user running for a Ubuntu LiveCd. Most of the themes I’m going to be showcasing are slightly tweaked versions of original works (although some are entirely my originals), the mod’s are renamed to reflect the nature of the change. The resourcefulness of the Ubuntu community ensures even n00b’s can edit themes, change icons, wallpapers, splash screens, suggested widgets etc.


















Metacity Theme


Suggested widgets


Mac4Lin Gtk_Ver 0.4

Mac4LinGtk_Ver 0.4





MacTangoRoyale, Tango or Mac4Lin.


Awn or








NewWave -Blue







BlackFuzz -UbuntuEdition

Mac4Lin, Royale Icon or MacTango-Royale


Vista or Darkroom

Global-Menu, Awn